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    Hey guys, welcome to the blog of Micha Everett Photography. My name is Micha Everett and I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. This blog is my way of sharing my life and my business with my clients. You will see my most recent portrait sessions, be introduced to some of my beautiful brides and amazing grooms, and learn more about my life with my gorgeous daughter Olivia in the beautiful town of Destin, FL. To contact me directly please feel free to visit my website , email me, or call me at (850) 284-0008. Thanks for taking a few minutes to stop by and find out what I am all about. I can't wait to hear from you soon!

Welcome to the world baby Zoey

Thank you all for the prayers and love through the past months to prepare to have our angel baby. We would like to introduce to you our new baby girl, Zoey. After 27 hours of labor, spiking a 105 fever, and being rushed into an emergency C section we welcomed our little beauty Zoey Isabella Smiley into the world at 6:34 am on April 6th. Mom is healing and taking it easy, Zoey is absolutely perfect, and daddy is being a rockstar. We are so over the top in love and our hearts couldn’t be more full even through all the sleepless nights. Can’t wait to get her newborn pics back to share with you all! But for now here is the photo daddy snapped right after her birth and her going home picture. 

2016~ Our best year yet!

We have finally caught up from 2016 so I am taking a bit to catch up the blog a little. I want to leave you with a little video I posted before our last wedding on New Years Eve. Totally embarrassing because I can’t control these darn pregnancy hormones but such a true message of how I appreciate each and every one of you! Click on the link to watch. 15811735_136713000157201_351541750327672832_n

Darryl & Leslie~ Watercolor beach session

Every year I take the talent God gave me and Bless a family right before Christmas with a session. That super duper sweet couple I told you about the other day whom I had the privilege to grow up with, this is them. It was their first Christmas married, they just purchased their first home together, and I just love them both to pieces. I’m so proud of both of you and I’m so thankful to call you both friends. Can’t wait to finish these up for you guys! Hugs!

This is us…

When I started this blog MANY years ago I wanted to use it both personally and for business. I thought it was so important for my clients to truly know my family and I. Most of my clients over the past 10 years have become close friends who follow along on this journey of life through my Facebook. But some of you are either new clients or just coming to check out my website. If this is your first visit, hello! I am so passionate about my business and my family. It is so hard to believe I have been in this business for 10 years now! My daughter is now 15 and we have another girl on the way. I joke and say God must have one huge sense of humor bringing me another girl after so many years. 12 years ago my daughter was a tiny 3 year old and we first met when I was her preschool teacher. I knew I loved her from the very first day I met her! A few months later I became her mom. For years I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t bring us another child so she could have a sibling to grow up with. I prayed, cried, and begged to be given the chance to carry a baby and complete our family. God had other plans with my life that now I completely understand! Through those years I watched my daughter grow into a beautiful young woman. Sometimes it is hard to explain the love I have for her. There are times people tell me that I will never understand until I have my own. Those people are absolutely crazy! Our little Zoey has been baking for 7 months now and the love I share for them is the exact same. I explained it last week as this, “Zoey was given to me from God. I didn’t fight for her, shed 291293 tears over or for her, and I haven’t been given 13 years with her.” Adoption doesn’t make anyone love less. I truly know I have the exact two Blessings that were made just for me. Those 13 years I was given the chance to grow my business into what it is today and still spend time running Olivia around traveling with soccer. I was able to focus just on her. I’m just so thankful that this business has given me a chance to be with my girls now and still do what I love every single day! I’m looking forward to another busy year of business and figuring out this new mom thing. It will be one busy year that is for sure. Can’t wait to meet your family and hear all about your story.



Raya family~ Santa Rosa beach session

This family is extra special! 3 years ago their gorgeous daughter Lizzy became my assistant. She is the reason this business functions during the crazy busy season of summer. She is literally gold! And if you met her parents you would realize why. Such a sweet family with such great values. I’m so thankful to have them in my life. I can’t wait for some of you to meet Lizzy this year!