Tips for a fantastic beach session…

I am so excited that you are checking out our work to shoot your beach session this summer. Beach sessions are for sure my passion and I could do it every single day if the weather permitted it. Let me give you a few tips to help you out and make your session fantastic! 

~ Colors. Most families choose to have everyone in the group wearing coordinating colors that have a relaxed, casual look. Usually this is the best way to go because emphasis should be on the people in the photos, not the clothing. Great color choices for these sessions are normally white or pastel tops and khaki/denim bottoms. I often tell my clients if there are only a few of you add the children in a bright pink or baby blue. Just stay away from stripes, please. 😉

~ Choices. It’s not uncommon to have second thoughts about a particular item of clothing. Avoid sleeveless tops and skirts. Capri’s and long pants are usually the best choice for bottoms and short/long sleeve shirts or blouses for tops. Keep in mind that this is a beach session, long sleeves may not be desirable and may make some members of the group uncomfortable due to the heat.

~  Go Barefoot! Especially for summer portraits. Who wears shoes to the beach anyway?

~ Makeup. Keep the makeup toned down. A more natural appearance looks better. Emphasizing the eyes and lips are fine but don’t over do it. And PLEASE NO SUNBURNS. The camera loves to pick up red so unless you want to look like a lobster in your pictures try hard to keep that sunscreen covering you at least until after our session. We try to schedule sessions at the very first of your vacation but I do understand sometimes that doesn’t work.

~ Hair products. Although you may not use these items on a regular basis it may be a good idea to use hair spray, gel or any other products to keep hair calm. Beach sessions normally involve a slight breeze or gusts of wind. To keep hands and arms from constantly moving hair out of the face, I recommend using these products. Another alternative would be bobby pins. Bring these items along with you as well. You may need or want it.

~ Personality. Being a mother myself, I know how difficult it is to catch great portraits of children especially younger ones. Children may be uncomfortable or just plain shy about being in front of the camera. So to ease them through the process have them pick out their favorite beach toy and bring it with them. Being able to hold on to it may be the only way we can get them to sit still for a shot and we may catch a wonderful image while they hold it. Also make sure that they are well rested and fed before you arrive. I work miracles but please know that if I ask you to walk away for a second while I am shooting images of your child by themselves then I have noticed that your child would do better if mommy and daddy weren’t watching them. So just by walking away a few steps and turning the other way could make a fantastic image!

~ If you have small children please bring them a snack and juice. This tends to help when we have to use bribary 😉 Sorry, sometimes it is just a must. And bring them a towel and change of dry clothes just in case! Sometimes when the children really enjoy pictures I will let them take some in the water just having fun.

~ I know parents want to help try to get their childrens attention but please let me try first. I promise if I see that I need dad or grandpa to come stand behind me and be silly I will ask. This helps so much on wondering eyes.

~ Be on time. At sunset sessions we have just enough time to make super amazing images but once the sun is gone so is the light.

Now that your head is full of ideas and things to remember I want to thank you for trusting me to be your beach photographer. I love my clients so be expected for me to treat you like you are one of my best friends from the second you arrive. Just relax and we will have a great time! See you soon and I can’t wait!

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