Monsees family~ Seaside beach session

I have lived in Florida all of my life so I am used to the normal afternoon showers that we seem to always get in the summer. But this evening it rained on me almost all the way to Seaside and the clouds honestly were enough to scare me. As you know if you have visited the Panhandle before, you just can’t rely on The Weather Channel, ;). If they were always right I think we would have boats instead of cars. So I usually jump in my car and just go for it and pray the rain holds off long enough to get some great shots. But on this evening my gut told me that we might not get so lucky. Thank goodness for my father who I swear should have been a meterologist. I gave him a call to see how long he thought I had before it was dangerous and his reply was 30 minutes and you better get out of there. I would never put my clients in danger so I knew I had 20 safe minutes to get some images for this family that they would never forget and get them to the car. The girls did amazing! 15 minutes into the session all around us was almost pitch black. It was time to get out of there. After a little peek in my camera I felt so much better and it was amazing what we got in just that little 15 minutes. Just proves it’s always worth the try even if it isn’t the prettiest day. Thanks guys for trusting me to get some great shots of your family!

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