Christmas cards are here!!!!

Christmas card designs are finally here! All cards are 5×7 front and back and come with white envelopes. You choose which picture and what message you would like. They come in pack of 25’s. Order yours today!!!
To order go to your online viewing-click on products up top-then click on cards and add to cart. Make sure that you specify in the special instructions which Sample number you want and which number of picture. If you have any questions feel free to email us at If your pictures aren’t still up please let me know and I will get them back up for you. Thanks and can’t wait to see which one you choose!

Sample 1 (front)

merrybright1- speizer family
merrybright1back Speizer family

Sample 2 (front)

Sample 2 L Alford
sample 2 back

Sample 3

merrybright3back Bentley back

Sample 4

merrybright4 Magochy front
merrybright4back Magochy back

Sample 5

Sample 5 Hillary Hunter
sample 5 back
Sample 6

Sample 6 Crissie Anderson
sample 6 back
Sample 7

merrybright7 butler family
merrybright7back Butler back
Sample 8
Sample 9 Amaro family

Sample 9 back

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