7 years of wait and love…

Let me start by saying this is a personal post and I know it might be a bit confusing for new clients and maybe too much information and I’m very sorry. But it’s one of the most special days in my life besides my wedding so I wanted to be sure I shared it. I promise I will catch the blog up this week on client sessions. Oh and also please note the first few pictures are scanned and a bit awful quality. Thank God I became a photographer, lol. But they were just too adorable not to share.Get a tissue you might need it 🙂

7 years ago I was a broke and young 20 year old college student in Tallahassee. My parents decided it was time for me to get a part time job and make my own money or come home. So out I went to a local daycare to work after college classes. I was having the time of my life and never dreamed what would happen next.

My first week at the daycare became a complete nightmare. I know this is TMI and she might kill me if she reads this but my first day as Olivia’s teacher I cleaned up poop off the wall that she had decided it was much more pretty there than in her diaper. My second day I cleaned poop from the slide and 5 other children who thought it would be fun to play on the muddy slide that Olivia, then 2 created. Yes by this point I was on the phone with my mom telling her I was either quitting school and coming home or finding a new job. However, the next week when I came to work God started tugging at my heart. It was one of the weirdest feelings in my life. It was like I was a magnet to this little girl Olivia and every time I left her my heart hurt. I would think about her night and day and talk to my entire family and friends about how special she was to me. I would come in to work and she would jump in my lap and not move the rest of the day, well besides when she was feeding me her oranges that her daddy thought she ate every day, :).It was then I really started telling my mom about this amazing and sweet girl who God created to be just like me. I would tell mom stories and she would say, “Yep, that sounds familiar.” It was like God knew one day I would have trouble getting pregnant and having my own child so he created her and saved her until I was mature enough to raise her. Weird, huh?

For several weeks Olivia and I grew closer and closer. She was only 3 then but you could sit at a table and talk to her like a grown up. She told me she didn’t have a mom but she had an Aunt and a dad. And yes I will admit I had to ask questions about that one, lol. I learned that although her mother had been out of her life since the age of 1 she had an amazing Aunt who was always there for her and who I will say to this day saved that sweet girl of mine from many issues of abandonment and is the number 3 person in her life.It was a gorgeous May evening and Olivia invited me over to play with her. Yes, I will admit to it. She was my best friend by this point! I knew her dad had a crush on me but he was the last thing from my mind. After playing for a while her dad and I put O to bed and I began to read her a bedtime story. In the middle of a sentence Olivia looked up at me as serious as could be and she said, “Mrs.. Micha, will you be my step mommy.” WOW! Zack (her father, my now husband) and I both looked at each other in complete embarrassment and shock. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and told her that I could be anything she wanted me to be. And that is the day I fell in love with the most precious gift from God. She called me mom from that day on.

After that it was like God had made my husband and I decide we were obviously meant for each other, lol. And yes no worries we did end up falling in love and still are. We were married in 2005 and began asking Olivia’s birth mother to sign rights over to me since she didn’t want to be a part of her life and she was obviously my everything. Long story short we fought for 7 years with her back and forth and many tears, hurt, and pain for O. A few months ago I wrote her birth mother a long letter and told her how special this would be to me and Olivia also wrote her a letter. We received a letter back in surprise that read if she could talk to Olivia and she could tell her personally she would do it. That day my daughter made me the happiest mom on this planet. You see her birth mother did sign the papers and in the morning we will go in front of a judge to have everything finalized. As I look at these pictures tonight I’m blown away at the Blessing God has given me. Olivia has never been a step daughter to me since the day she asked me to be but the greatest daughter in this world. She’s changed my whole life and made me the person I am today. It’s so hard to believe that after 7 years I will finally sleep tomorrow night knowing the most amazing girl in my life will never have to leave me.That after this long I will get what I deserve and have the biggest closure there is.Thank you to my friends, family, and clients for the many prayers over the years and it’s because of you and God our family made it through these trying years.Hope you enjoy the pictures and story. I love you all!

When I first met O


And again rough pictures but O and her Aunt Cheryl who was such an amazing mother figure before me.

And who taught me so much about being a mom. We love her so very much!

o and aunt cheryl

Please excuse my look after no sleep.Our first vacation together.


When Mommy was still in school she had no choice but to be a Seminole 🙂 I still love her even if she is a Gator fan now


First day of Kindergarten


And many more years…

many years of O

I love you Olivia! And I’m so thankful God picked me to be your mom. You make me laugh, you make me proud, and even with an attitude sometimes you make me smile. You amaze me every single day with your maturity and your Christian heart. Just when I think I can’t be more proud or love someone more you show me how to. Your always here when I need to talk or laugh. I pray you will continue on this path of success and you will do amazing things in your life like Dad and I both know you will. Thank you for being my daughter even when at times you think I am just being mean. I promise one day you will completely understand. I hope you are just as excited about tomorrow as I am and you allow it to be the closure you need. Because I promise you there isn’t one person on this planet that loves you more than me. You make me so proud O!

Love you

Mom 🙂

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