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It has been a while since I shared a little personal on the blog. One of my favorite parts of this business is the relationships I create through this business. Some of my closest friends were once just a client. A lot of people don’t believe in mixing business with personal. I disagree… I want you to feel like we have know each other our entire life. When I photograph your family I want to have fun, laugh, and you to have a great time. I want you to feel like you are part of my family. I want you to come back and see me every year and your children to look forward to our session. So here is a little catch up about me. My daughter Olivia isn’t the tiny little girl that I shared years ago on here. She has grown into a gorgeous, moody, young woman who towers over me. I think they are called teenagers, lol. But she is my heart for sure! She has entered into high school this year and made it through the past year of bouncing back and forth through a tough divorce. She is the real rockstar. I’m not sure how either of us made it through the past 2 years but we did. I will save you guys from the long details and just tell you that divorce sucks, as does split parenting, and trusting God’s plan for our lives. I went back and forth about ever releasing that news as a business owner. But here I am a year later and stronger than I have ever been. I’ve been through the toughest storm of my life the past 2 years but one thing was my constant, my business. I realized after 9 years why God gifted me with this talent. My camera and my clients were the best therapy ever. I’ve never been more focused and ready to take my business to another level. I’m counting down the days until summer when I will see some familiar faces and meet new clients who I will create amazing memories for their family. Now that my girl is 14 I’m realizing just how unbelievably special those pictures were the past years. She doesn’t look like that little 3 year old dancer momma used to hug and kiss. But when I look at that photo it takes me back to those special moments. All I can hope for is that my images do the same for you and your family. So I will leave you with a few photos of my girl, all grown up. I can’t wait to see you all soon! 

The best mom in the world
My special girls (Olivia and my nieces)
Ice skating with her cousins
And I might not win mom of the year award for sharing this but I couldn’t resist. With you life is always enjoyable. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and making me laugh until I can’t breathe. You are everything sweet girl!

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