Snow in FLORIDA…

The weather man said it over and over yesterday that it was a 100 percent chance of snow. We stayed up really late last night dreaming we would wake up to the ground covered in snow. But when we woke up all we saw was nasty rain and my 8 year old was devestated. I sent her off to school but had planned a great road trip after school with my parents up to Northern Alabama to make complete sure my little O got to see snow! I then looked after lunch at the weather and saw it was supposed to start snowing so I then picked up the phone and called my aunt to pick Olivia up from school and bring her straight to my work so I didn’t miss her little face at her first site of snow. Thanks Aunt Vicki! I saw O pull up and it had just started snowing her mouth was as wide as could be. Being I was at work I then called the hubby who thankfully drove on over to take some really awesome pics of O on the railroad tracks! I was so excited to see my daughter’s first site of snow being my last and first time was her exact age 17 years ago. I hope you guys got a little piece of it also!!!

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